Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Best Movie You Never Read Part 2

Continuing the list of screenplays that have been published.

(500) Days of Summer by Scott Neustadter Michael H. Weber
A Beautiful Mind by Akiva Goldsman
A Knight's Tale by Brian Helgeland
A Midwinter's Tale by Kenneth Branagh
About a Boy by Peter Hedges, Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz
Adaptation by Charlie Kaufman
Ararat by Atom Egoyan
Atonement by Christopher Hampton
Big Fish by John August
Black Hawk Down by Ken Nolan
Capote by Dan Futterman
Cast Away by William Broyles Jr.
Catch Me If You Can by Jeff Nathanson
Cinderella Man by Cliff Hollingsworth, Akiva Goldsman
Cold Mountain by Anthony Minghella
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by Hui-Ling Wang, James Schamus, Kuo Jung Tsai
Dan in Real Life by Pierce Gardner, Peter Hedges
Dances With Wolves by Michael Blake
Erin Brockovich by Susannah Grant
Funny People by Judd Apatow
Good Night, and Good Luck by George Clooney, Grant Heslov
Human Nature by Charlie Kaufman
I Heart Huckabees by David O. Russell, Jeff Baena
Igby Goes Down by Burr Steers
Magnolia by Paul Thomas Anderson
Man on the Moon by Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszewski
Men in Black by Ed Solomon
Michael Clayton by Tony Gilroy
Punch-Drunk Love by Paul Thomas Anderson
Snatch by Guy Ritchie
Stranger Than Fiction by Zach Helm
Synecdoche, New York by Charlie KaufmanThank You for Smoking by Jason Reitman
The Good Shepherd by Eric Roth
Hulk by John Turman, Michael France, James Schamus
The Hurt Locker by Mark Boal
Titanic by James Cameron


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